Okay so, I dont think anybody will answer this but TT…

I think I have some few things to say duh… I am so sorry for disappearing! I mean, I just.. Left this tumblr because I didnt find it funny to update anymore. I started this thing under a fuckyeah’s name, but I wanted to make friends! and after almost two years I have met pretty few people *sighs*

But, since I sitll love BEAST I have decided to give it a try again! So don’t be shy, yangdizzy aka fuckyeaseobie is back! ♥

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j-hopesdick — “I love ur blog so much<3 All ur picture are so beautiful /cries/ Omg we have the same icon LOLOL”

Thank you! I try to update all days (well today I failed LOL sorry) but I appreciate people giving love to my blog ♥ 

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